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Edward Weston, Pulqueria, Mexico, 1926. Returning to Mexico..., he photographed with a stronger feeling for light and texture [in] the markets, the wall paintings outside native bars... Reviewing the Weston show at Guadalajara, 1925, Siqueiros wrote, “In Weston's photographs, the texture—the physical quality—of things is rendered with the utmost exactness... In a word, the beauty which these photographs of Weston's possess is photographic beauty!"

Villa Sbertoli - Who wouldn't want to vacation in an Italian villa? It shouldn't matter that it was once an asylum or that it is now abandoned!

Santa Barbara Wedding by Jose Villa + Jill La Fleur

Photography by Jose Villa /, Design and Styling by Jill La Fleur /, Venues by Santa Barbara Historical Museum /

Maguey Cactus, Mexico 1926 | From a unique collection of still-life photography at

49 fotos que muestran lo rápido que cambia el mundo

Mustached New Yorkers, not teenage girls, where the creators of the arm's-length selfie. As long as cavemen have been smearing stick figures on walls in Southern France, people have been making self-portraits. Who took the first selfie, though? You...

WW1. The surprising thing to me is not the number of men who understandably broke down in this hell-hole, but the number who did not.

49 fotos que muestran lo rápido que cambia el mundo

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