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#Amnesty Moved Forward While #Illegals Chant and #Oklahoma Recoils from Disaster - @Alicia Smith-Hoagland

10 Stories That Prove Guns Save Lives - Posted on: February 2, 2013 -- In a nation that already has more than 200 million guns, gun control does little other than make the work of rapists, robbers, murderers and nuts like Adam Lanza easier. When faced with gun control laws, the law abiding citizen has no choice other than to disarm or become an outlaw, but people with bad intentions are faced with no such moral dilemma. That’s why the best friend of a rapist or a potential Adam Lanza is…

Here’s the Full List of Your Representatives & Senators Who Voted for the Omnibus Bill | It’s important that the people know who sold them out on the infamous and very anti-American and unconstitutional spending bill. We aren’t just going to give you the numbers, we’re going to name them. We want you to pass along the information in social media groups, but also in your neighborhoods.

State House Passes Restrictions on Federal Gun Law Enforcement...YA... A STATE WITH BALLS... some call it unconstitutional.. ha.. it is "unconstitutional for the government to take away our 2nd amendment rights to bare arms."