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17 Absurd "Attack On Titan" GIFs For Every Occasion

Just gonna clean some laundry so I don't go crazy waiting for the next episode of the show. | 17 Absurd "Attack On Titan" GIFs For Every Occasion

The only time i ran like a ninja was when i was a kid everyone said "aww, do you like naruto" and i was so confused as a 6 year old, i always responded "no I'm running like an evil ninja from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" they were all shocked.

youngjusticer: Billy Batson was an orphan chosen to be a champion of good by a wizard who gifted Batson with the power of six legendary Greek figures, and when he spoke the wizard’s name, he became an adult hero empowered by gods. Check out Flash and Green Lantern as well. SHAZAM! Captain Marvel, by Kim Intae.