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Little friends, my sister previously got a bunny, fox, tiger, graffie, panda , wolf and croc they are kinda cute. The Rolf scares me tho it just has need eyes they other ones are cute.

"I’m so grateful to be doing the work I love while surrounded by my dear, sweet sisters. I’m sure I’d be punished somehow if I complained to...

3 cute racoons ~ they are feisty little critters! My Daddy & his brothers consistently had pet racoons while they were growing up! Much to the distress of my Grandma & the 3 sisters! (yes, they would bring them in the house!~would put 'em in their chest of drawers for their bed!)

I had some pins up that explained MLP society from DND. However after Consulting with my sister she insisted Id take it down for it revealed how MLP was begging to be created. Their family structures how they lived ETC.. if your interested in hearing what i found in my old DND books post a comment here I am making a Tumblr page have been for a while but I will share it if you comment tell me :3.