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Series 1, Howlette. This fast runner has a good sense of smell and howls at the twilight moon. With hair2 spare, she's all about hair-sheddin to warm the flowers during the winter frost. ZELF POWER Creativity

Series 3, Cupie. This beautiful straight shooter puts her heart into everything...Now that's amore! ZELF POWER Amore

Series 3, Noodles. This happy, healthy bundle of ying/yang is all about good health…and dim sum. ZELF POWER Good health

Series 3, Dolly. This lil' goth moth doesn't take her dark pinky Zelf too seriously. She loves to lighten up the dark, and is oh-so-fun to be around! ZELF POWER Zelf-expression

Series 1, Garny. This raven-locked shadow chaser is quicker than you think. She's big-time trouble in the night and gone before you blink! ZELF POWER Awesomeness

Series 3, Lullaby. When this harmonic filly catches zzz's, she trots right into dreamland. Her sweet songs safeguard sweet dreams for all. ZELF POWER Sweet Dreams