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Im Simply,Normal

The strength moves you can do anytime, anywhere, at any fitness level. I do my best to exercise 5 to 6 times a week, but there are days when I simply cannot pull myself out of bed in time to sweat before work, or when I’m traveling and my normal routine is completely thrown …

"but simply part of the involuntary movements made by a dead body." As a physician, I'm a little unclear on "normal movements of a dead body.:

I found this website through a link on Facebook, and I m hoping to simply connect to others like me. I m at a strange time in my life right now, internally, and perhaps connecting with others like me may do some good.

Designed by James Cha: "The two faces on the business card have messages that reflects me as a designer. On the front is says ” I’m addicted to design” and on the back ” Design is an enabler that lives beyond the tangible”. Simply hold the rubber band in both hand and give it a twirl. And a third message is revealed: Creative. This interaction is a representation of my passion to challenge the normal perception." Ah-mazing.

What is normal though? Normal is not to be justified but rather simply lived by those that accept failure and the medicore lifestyle. . . . . . . #StartupLifestyle #MillionaireLifestyle #hustle #moneymaker #BillionaireLifestyle #startuplife #successful #InspirationalQuotes #inspiredaily #hardworkpaysoff #hardwork #hustlehard #goalsetting

I`m sorry I wasn`t next to you by your side when this happened. Didn`t know a thing.I`m sorry for your loss.My brother died after four days, I presume my mom had spent her life on another level as well. And then I was born four years later.

Multum Non Multa, or Simplicity