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APODYOPSIS: (n) the act of mentally undressing someone. via other-wordly.tumblr. Haha so there is a word for it.

Paper Cutting Template - Feather Appear

I have been Paper Cutting for over 5 years and have a following on Facebook. I have often been asked to sell Design Templates for others to cut,

"The white men did not care for each other...they would take everything from each other if they could...while crowds of people had nothing at all..."

3 Easy Steps to Edit an Article and Get Rewarded.

Querencia (n) A place from which one's strength is drawn, where one feels most at home. The place where you are your most authentic self. (and this pic says it all..)

His soft hand on my cheek was ice cold. I tried to hiss at him, to spit on his face, to force him away from me. But I was paralysed. His eyes were filled with a deep longing, and he leaned forwards slightly so that his lips were only a few inches from mine. "I adore you, Valerie. We were made for each other."