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School of FIsh Lamps: Schoal Pendant Lights Made of 186 Fine Bone China Fish

SHOAL of fish light sculpture by Dominic Bromley of Scabetti design. I came across this beauty whilst hunting for fish-shaped pendant lighting online.

Let's talk about how cool this light is. "The Cibola Pendant light by Scabetti (Dominic Bromley) is another striking example of how porcelain lighting can take on a sculptural quality."

SHOAL_LIGHT: Inspired by the sight of dense shoals of fish, Dominic Bromley has designed Shoal. A mass of bone china fish, each 16cm(19") long and carrying delicate sculpted detail, circle a central light creating a captivating cylindrical form.

the Scabetti design firm, have created the Shoal Light using a number of small, finely cast, translucent bone china fishes suspended from a ceiling fixture

Ceramic fishes suspension by @Lisa Gamache: Shoal, with 510 bone china fish in it. Each sculpture is created in their Staffordshire studio in the UK.