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Ethereal Rings Reveal Tiny Landscapes That Encapsulate the Beauty of Seasons in Resin

This past spring we became enamored with the handcrafted accessories of Secret Wood, a Canadian shop that encases tiny, exquisite worlds in rings made…

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These are probably the most beautiful rings in the whole world

There is an extraordinary beauty in creating something you know is unique and unrepeatable. Whatever it is, you know that the thing you create is the only one that will ever be. Things are made special because of the small variations, flaws, and idiosyncrasies that--in some small way--may remind us of our own individuality. And in a world where everything, especially on the internet, eventually may get reproduced and re-manufactured, it's a breath of fresh air to see something completely…

Amazingly Beautiful Miniature Snowy Worlds Trapped Inside Wooden Rings by MySecretWood. l #rings #jewelry #secretworlds #miniature

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