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"Do not ask me to remember, don't try to make me understand. Let me rest and know you're with me, kiss my cheek and hold my hand..." How to Care for a Person With Alzheimer's Disease More

Cosa ti chiede un paziente Alzheimer : 1 sii paziente con me - 2 parlami - 3 sii gentile con me - 4 non dimenticarti dei miei sentimenti - 5 relazionati a me con dignità e rispetto - 6 ricorda il mio passato - 7 ricorda il mio presente - 8 ricorda il mio futuro - 9 prega per me - 10 amami.

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In losing our memories, do we lose what makes us human? Explore the human side of Alzheimer’s. Read Fade to Blank: Life Inside Alzheimer’s—three families, one disease; a perception-altering experience. #LifeInsideAlz

You can miss someone who died , you can miss someone who moved away, but the worst is when you miss someone you see everyday.

Oh my. This really hits home. I miss my Dad - but I realize I miss ASPECTS of his personality - my Dad is STILL right here with me, Alzheimer's has just chipped away at the edges some. More

33 Things People Affected by Alzheimer's Wish Others Understood

It's just like watching mom and her slow death from cancer all over again through grandma and her dementia and once again feeling all alone through it all.

33 Things People Affected by Alzheimer's Wish Others Understood

alzheimer's quote: The person who has Alzheimer's knows that pieces of the puzzle are missing, and they are terrified. More