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Detox Diets For Dummies

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Whether you're the owner of an existing food truck business or interested in starting your own, here's help to find your food niche, create a menu and set prices. Learn how to choose and outfit a vehicle, the rules of business on the road, kitchen, safety and sanitation, insurance and licensing requirements, using social media to market your business and other great ideas, including 10 Tips for Preventing Food Truck Failure.

Thinking Creatively with SCAMPER SCAMPER is one of the most useful techniques in the creative thinking toolbox, and is widely used in all kinds of creative thinking scenarios from problem-solving to idea generation. SCAMPER offers you seven ways to think creatively, which you can explore individually or together: Substitute: Put one thing in place of another. Don’t just stick to logical choices; choose unlikely, silly or even outrageous substitutes.