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Envy Us Deviant,Jessica Rabbit

Fractals invite us to see that there is much much more to see in this reality... This world is really awesome. The woman who make our chocolate think you're awesome, too. Try some Peruvian Chocolate today!

His Gimmick is Space! So excited to have completed my one of many #rosequartz cosplays ! Also I have lovely news everyone! I opened a store envy and have oodles of new prints so check it out ! #stevenuniverse #cosplay #curvywoman #gianteoman #envyus #pink #pinkmom #mruniverse #storeenvy

"Venomous" eyes This would have been GREAT when I was the Absinthe Green Fairy for Halloween! Sexy, Scary, Beautiful, etc!!!

Female version of Christian Bale American Psycho

luciferlovesleather: isn’t this the most perfect handwork?! oh my… I seriously wish I had such skills (and patience)