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I listen with my whole self and think before I speak. When I speak, I don’t back away from what is true or right. I share and communicate effectively and respectfully with others. I express myself fully and creatively.

6 Amazing Free Online Courses To Upgrade Your Business Skills

Laptop + coffee... the daily routine for the professional woman. Add some flowers and aroma therapy to give your work space a more homey feel. || Follow Rita and Phill for more images that keep you inspired and upbeat!

PAUL McKENNA shares his formula for super-charging your memory and boosting your intelligence

"How to free your mind from fear" from Paul McKenna, a memory gury - (extracted from "I Can Make You Smarter" by Paul McKenna, to be published by Bantam)

Would you like to see the best free guided meditations for healing? Find out what they are and start to improve your meditation practice!

Download a powerful meditation for deep healing for free at A wonderful way to transform pain into peace, joy and happiness.

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15 minute mindfulness techniques infographic #Health #infographic

HERE COMES THE SUN “In the sound of silence we find sanctuary. In every word unspoken, love” – Josh Walker

Healthy Diet - how to eat to live happily (and healthily) ever after