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Some of our oriental and exotic papers we can only buy in A4 size; others come in larger size sheets. All those that we stock in the larger size are shown here. Click on any item for full details.

Nuno Felted Journal rusty dyed fabric scraps (cotton, cotton lace, cotton gauze, silk, raw silk, chiffon), cotton, merino wool, jute cord, exotic wood bead, austrian paper

Japanese paper katazome-shi. "Katazome-shi" literally means stencil-dyed (katazome) papers (-shi), and is also referred to as "Wazome." As the name implies, they are stencilled - with traditional materials, and the care that comes with craftsmanship by hand - to produce unforgettable, intense colours and patterns.

Africa | Beautiful old Prayer box pendant/amulet containing a tiny parchment Copic bible written in Ge'ez and bound with a wooden cover | Ethiopia | Image copyright Ann Porteus, Sidewalk Tribal Gallery, via Flickr

Flexàgons. We have a few around the house. They're fun little things and enhance math curiousity.