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The Banna Sleeping Bag

The Banna Sleeping Bag is a comfortable seat or sofa for two that you can fill with air within seconds using our unique filling technique. While the hangout is

The wearable AIRBAG: Jacket fitted with ‘bladders’ expands on impact

Motorcycle jacket fitted with airbags expands on impact to soften the blow | Daily Mail Online

Kingii, A Compact Inflatable Worn on the Wrist to Provide Safety in the Water

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Hövding: cycling helmet in a scarf

Biking is the perfect form of transportation, until you factor in clunky helmets that ruin your ’do. But a new fashionable—and largely invisible—helmet may be changing all that.

Is this airbag in your collar the crash helmet of the future? Hidden protection that inflates on impact

Float 42 Avalanche Airbag Pack

Backcountry Access Float 42 Avalanche Airbag Pack

Marine Rubber Airbag movine ship and Building Construction

Amazing instant sofa that inflates with a single movement

Fatboy the Original and Lamzac, who are both based in Holland, came up with the idea to create an airbed that is as easy to inflate as a regular one is to deflate, and the unique product was born.

109 In. Patio Table and Chair Set Cover with Inflatable Airbag Cappuccino Finish

The Duck Covers Rectangle Table with Chairs Cover Featuring Patent Pending Duck Dome is light weight and convenient to use. It is made of latest and most durable materials. It includes patent pending duck dome airbag to repel water and debris.