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Science Experiment Algae

Try this algae and pollution experiment with your kids when you're studying ecology. All you need is pond water, jars, and some pollutants to add to it.

Halloween Science: Fluorescent Chlorophyll

Chlorophyll is green under regular light, but will fluoresce red under a black light (step by step experiment and the science behind it)

Microorganisms Flip Book Activity

This resource is a four-page microorganism flip book activity that can be used with your science students as an introduction or review for this topic. Students will be able to understand • the five types of microorganisms They will demonstrate their learning by detailing characteristics, survival needs and how each are harmful or helpful. This flip book is for use with the • bacteria • protozoa • virus • algae • fungi

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ate algae when they lived in the sewer. Reading about algae and conducting a simple algae experiment (could use fish tank water) will help their understanding of one part of the book.