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Tintin in the Land of Trash by This imaginary album cover used the cover of Tintin in the Land of Black Gold as a basis. The original "Le pays de l'or noir" has been replaced by "Le pays de l'ordure" (the land of trash/garbage). In this story, Tintin and Haddock try to help out poor people living in slums and to thwart the plans of heartless real estate promoters.

How Clown almost drowned during a Slipknot gig and other stories The Slipknot percussionist on near death experiences his mask and Officer Downe Clown is not a man to do things by halves whether it's risking his life on stage for Slipknot or masterminding the Iowan nine-piece's disturbing visuals. In the run up to the release of Officer Downe his directorial debut featuring Sons Of Anarchy star Kim Coates in the titular role we had a poke around the fearless Slipknot percussionist's head…

As soon as I hear the "yeah" cried out in the distance, just before the first notes hit, I am lit. What a magically engrossing affair this is. Spirit was certainly a very special band from a very interesting time in rock history. The group's albums are a compelling blend of psychedelic rock and jazz, and I find their adventurous allure a constant delight.

Like playing Fallout 3? Learn how to blog about Fallout and get paid! #Fallout3

Like playing Fallout 3? Learn how to blog about Fallout and get paid! #Fallout3