Explore Vintageous Llc, 169 00 and more!

Vintageous, LLC - ABC, $169.00 (http://www.vintageous.com/abc/)

Vintageous, LLC - FABULOUS Iridescent Damask Strapless 1950's Cocktail Dress, $265.00 (http://www.vintageous.com/fabulous-iridescent-damask-strapless-1950s-cocktail-dress/)

Vintageous, LLC - Lovely Pale Blue Organdy 1950's Cocktail Dress w/ Sequined Lace Bust, $180.00 (http://www.vintageous.com/lovely-pale-blue-organdy-1950s-cocktail-dress-w-sequined-lace-bust/)

Vintageous, LLC - GORGEOUS Grey Lace Vintage Cocktail Dress w/ Ombre Chiffon Trim, $185.00 (http://www.vintageous.com/gorgeous-grey-lace-vintage-cocktail-dress-w-ombre-chiffon-trim/)

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