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The Scottish Thistle. I have always adored this often misunderstood wild flower! The combination of harshness and elegant softness, makes for a truly unique and respect worthy entity!

Every school-child in Scotland learns the legend of how the thistle saved the country in the Middle Ages, when the Scots and Norsemen were at war. Under cover of darkness, the Norsemen landed unobserved on the coast of Scotland. Removing their boots, they crept on bare feet toward the unsuspecting Scottish army. Suddenly, a cry of pain shattered the stillness: A Norse soldier had stepped on a thistle. Alerted to the attack, the Scots sprang into action and drove the invaders from their…

Eryngium (thistle)-- I never thought to put this in arrangements. It is a really interesting texture, and some varieties grow as "weeds" in my garden.