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Wondering who you should support in the upcoming presidential election? has a sophisticated tool for you to state your opinions on specific issues, and then you'll find out which candidate best fits your political persuasion.

I just took the 2016 Presidential election quiz and found that I side the most with Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders. Who do you side with?

Just a reminder Donald Trump's upcoming case for raping a 13 year old aspiring model is scheduled for October 14th 2016

Teabagger/Republicans greedy corrupt legislation have made the WEALTHY... RICHER+MORE GREEDY THAN EVER!!!!! If your a dumbass Republican, know that I truly hate you. And once I am hungry, I plan to eat the rich.

Acts of the Apostles clearly states that early Christians put all their monies in one place, and drew from that what they needed. Ananias was punished for hanging on to some of his money.

One university has called the presidential elections accurately since 1975, and they've announced they sent this team to the White House in 2016.