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Contact Sheet II (2010) From the series Shoulder to Shoulder.

Wet Sock Treatment

Wet Sock Treatment I really need to try and relieve some of the stress in my life!

I do quite like the "all seasons" tree . This was my first initial thought for a logo (just not a painted style like this) but I'm pretty sure it's been done more than once so it'd need some work to make it original.

Robin, tamest bird ever. Always next to me when I work in the garden. Will take a worm from my hand.

This 10 minute workout for women will trim inches from your torso, build your upper-body strength, and also build the muscles in the back and shoulders that are responsible for perfect posture. Find a couple of dumbbells (or cans of soup) around your house and get to it!

Watch how to train your neck muscles with the best two neck pain exercises to do at home or work to heal a trapped nerve pain or cervical disc herniation

Pattern Drafting 1: Bodice Sloper This is the method I am going to outline for you in this series of articles. It has worked for me for 25 years, and, though I've learned more and added different historical techniques over the years, I haven't changed the foundational method. It works because it takes into account the non-standard human form and allows you to create garments that fit beautifully without horrific headaches in the process.

Back / Lats / Traps / Shoulders– my custom exercise plan created at • Click through to download as a printable workout PDF #customworkout