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Vetiver is a deep-rooted Indian grass, it is extremely grounding and centering. It helps to connect us to the earth, to ourselves and to our purpose (dharma). It has an affinity with both the base and the crown chakra (so helps to balance all the chakras), which is very valuable in yoga and meditation. You will find it in yogandha ground

Frankincense has been highly valued as a sacred incense and herbal medicine since ancient times. It has been in continuous use for spiritual practice for over 5000 years. The Egyptian name for frankincense is translated as ‘that which makes god known.’ in ayurveda, frankincense is used for purifying and as an aid to meditation. It is said to deepen and slow the breathing and has a sattvic, or purifying effect on the mind and nervous system.You will find it in yogandha ground and relax

Sandalwood is considered grounding and has been used for over 4000 years for stress and anxiety. It is used in rituals both as an offering and as an application to the forehead or the neck of practitioners. It is also considered sacred in Buddhist and Japanese tradition. It is said to quieten mental chatter. You will find it in yogandha ground

Ladies I'm so impressed:). What lovely travel pins. I enjoyed so much looking at the beautiful world God created. Ty for playing along yesterday. Today is incense :). What house doesn't smell good with incense? :). Hugs and blessings

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