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Spaces Landscaping,Landscaping Garden,Inglewood Outdoor,Outdoor Spaces

Spaces Landscaping,Landscaping Garden,Inglewood Outdoor,Outdoor Spaces

~~Flowers fill a vintage wooden crate | delphiniums with viburnum, stocks, euphorbia, sweet williams and British-grown foliages | New Covent Garden Market~~ More

flowering japanese crabapple tree - yahoo Image Search Results

Top 10 trees for small spaces

Ornamental crabapple. Plant one of these for a lavish pop of white, pink, or red flowers each spring.

Lavender Twist Weeping Rdbud Tree after the flowers fade and the green takes over

Snow Fountains Cherry Tree - A member of the Rosaceae family, the snow fountains weeping cherry is a deciduous tree that reaches 12 feet tall and an 8-foot branch spread at maturity. The tree's deep green weeping foliage gives way to showy white flowers that bloom in spring. Snow fountains weeping cherry trees prefer planting in U.S. Department of Agriculture hardiness zones 5 through 8, where the average winter temperatures remain above minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Top Trees and Shrubs for Fall Color

Name: Acer ginnala Amur Maple Growing Conditions: Sun and moist, well-drained soil Size: To 25 feet tall Zones: 3-7

Nana Nandina small evergreen shrub vivid green foliage turns brilliant red for fall and winter very tough and durable plant full sun to part sun; grows 2-3' tall X 2-3' wide

20 Best Perennials for Your Garden

Create some fireworks in your fall garden with a generous helping of chrysanthemums. These autumn bloomers work just as well in containers as they do in the border. Flowers are available in red, orange, purple, white, and yellow, and vary in size from cute buttonlike blooms to softball-size giants. Chrysanthemums will come back every year, but they have a tendency to die out after a few seasons. That’s why it’s a good idea to plant new chrysanthemums every year.