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Cavin and Calla inside the crumbling tower

Which Musical Should You Star In?

Which Musical Should You Star In? I got Oklahoma! "You may be a bit ol’ fashioned but that’s OK! Classics are classics for a reason, amirite? Your favorite times are when you’re a-dancin’ and a-courtin’, usually while drunk and on a horse." Haha

Here's the thing about gingerbread houses. You labor over them for hours. You painstakingly decorate them with gumdrops and candy canes. And then, someone shakes the table it's sitting on and boom! It all comes crumbling down, leaving a huge, house-shaped hole in your heart. Never again, we said. Here's how you build an indestructible gingerbread house.

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Chicago - Cell Block Tango

Theatre Major Problems happens to me all the time

I went to see Spamalot in London, and at the end when they pull someone up onstage who has the Holy Grail under their seat, it was this guy in a t-shirt and shorts and I was just like "are you kidding me".

How Many Of These Musicals Have You Seen?

I got 58 out of 96! How Many Of These Musicals Have You Seen? Btw I marked the ones I've just heard the music from.

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