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What you do today is important, because you are exchanging a day of your life for it.<<< And i think this is why school isn't important.

"It was another one of those rare moments in which Moss left his beloved camera free for exploitation." -Hazel & Moss, draft


24 i'm just living life the best way i know how.i can't wait to get out and just travel all over the world and see everything there is to see.ΑΔΠ.none of these pictures are mine unless stated otherwise

The Pacific Crest Trail, like its better-known eastern cousin the i Trail, is a narrow corridor of wilderness set aside by an act of Congress (The National Trails System Act, to preserve a place where hikers can commune with nature.

I always question God about myself. Why can I do this and not that? Wow, they are so good, but I'm not, why? What am I gifted in? This verse reassures me that God isn't finished with me yet, and he has a brilliant plan for me. All I have to do is TRUST

Just one more jump...that'd be so awesome. You never forget the feeling, and just seeing a picture can bring that same rush of energy back into your chest...if only for a moment. Amazing. Wish I still had the videos of my jumps back in the day :(


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