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TWD has played with us for a long time by "almost" killing Glenn several times. This time it really is goodbye

TWD- -Hershel' s death...Breaks my heart every time. :'( The most heartbreaking, traumatic thing I've ever witnessed on a TV show. The Walking Dead. Hershel Greene, Maggie Greene. Beth Greene. TWD. The Walking Dead.

The Top Killers For Each Season Of ‘The Walking Dead’ Explained With Helpful Infographics

R.I.P. Bob, Shane, Lori, Dale, Beth, Hershel, Karen, Mehgan, Lilly, Sophia, Andrea & Merle and also Tyreese. I am glad Shane, Lori and Andrea died. They were total b****'s. Even Shane!!!!! I am heartbroken that the others people died.

and the whole time I was like yeah right, ain't nobody tryna hear all that, same shit different day.

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