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Blueberry Bushes: Tips and Tricks to High Fruit Production, and Knowing When to Trim Them

growing blueberries under pine trees. I wouldn't want to trek that far to get to them here, but no rule says I can't bring the pine needles up from the field to dig into my soil for the berries. Sweet! Solves the problem of not wanting to buy peat moss.

Blueberry Plants Not Producing: Getting Blueberries To Bloom And Fruit - Do you have blueberry plants that are not producing fruit? Maybe even a blueberry bush that isn’t even flowering? Fear not, the following information will help you sleuth out common reasons for this and what can be done to remedy the situation.

Companion Planting With Blueberry Bushes

A blueberry's delicate flowers add spring interest to the garden. Find complimentary plants to go alongside your blueberries!

Blueberry bushes prefer a slightly acidic soil. Here are some tips on how to make your soil more acidic so that your bushes get the best nutrients.

Garden experimenters devise method to grow blueberries in Houston area

Once upon a time, blueberries were right up there with lilacs, not worth the trouble in this area. But a handful of say-it-ain't-so Joes continued to experiment to unearth a tried-and-true method of growing blueberries here.