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5 of the Coolest Bugatti Veyron Special Editions

These 'Special Custom Designed' Bugatti Veyrons will blow your mind!!! Hit the image to check them out.

Neben der Wimille-Edition sind noch fünf weitere Sondermodelle geplant. bugatti

loveisspeed.......: It's been a full year, boys and girls, since Bugatti revealed the first of its "Les Légendes de Bugatti" series, and now it's preparing to return to the same spot on the lawn at Pebble Beach to reveal the final version you see here. Saving the best for last, the Alsatian automaker is dedicating this final special edition to its namesake founder Ettore Bugatti – and not, as we previously suspected, to Elisabeth Junek. To honor Ettore, Bugatti has decked out this Veyron…