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Harrison Basford Marshall 100% Mahogany Hand-Made 'Oxford' Mens' Jewellery Box with Chrome Lock

The Harrison Basford Marshall Oxford Jewellery box is an extra large (40 cms x 30 cms x 10 cms / 15.75 inches x 11.81 inches x 3.94 inches) hand-made from the highest quality Mahogany wood. All of the components are solid wood that have been hand-crafted, hand-sanded and stained by our craftsmen using traditional techniques.

NICK Born: Great Britain Status: Single Lives & Works: Singapore Occupation: International Ship Broker, Previous: Actor, Traveller Likes: Socialising, Motorbike riding, Exploring through Asia Photo Location: Bangkok, Thailand Owns: Harrison Basford Marshall Oxford Mahogany Jewellery Box (Black)

DANIEL Born: Great Britain, Age: 26, Status: Married with 1 son Lives & Works: Bangkok, Thailand Occupation: International Business Manager: At 25, Daniel, took over a small logistics company that was haemorrhaging money and turned it around, building it up to profitability. Previously: Entrepreneur, Business consultant Likes: socialising and spending time with his family Photo Location: Sukhumvit, Thailand Owns: Harrison Basford Marshall Oxford Teak Jewellery Box (Black)

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