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Lego announces Minecraft rival, and penises aren't a problem

Lego announces Minecraft rival, and penises aren't a problem | Just hours after the dream of a Minecraft-style Lego game died, it's been revived - by a Minecraft-style Lego game. Buying advice from the leading technology site

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Why Do People Love To Draw Dicks in Games? An Investigative Report.

This article examines the fascinating topic of why people modify games to add pictures of penises. Besides the obvious answer of artistic expression... well it is obvious it is to satisfy juvenile whims. There are MANY games including minecraft, COD, Skyrim, and many more that have been modified to feature some form of peni (is that the plural of penis?).

The 7 Creepiest Hacks of Popular Video Games

These mods are so crazy that they'll make your brain give up and come flying out of your ass.