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Forget Wallpaper, This Art Deserves a Good Frame and a Spot on Your Wall

fuckyeahtangled: thedisnerd: + Tangled (2010) concept art by Claire Keane I love that all of Claire’s work is so diverse. You can tell she was really trying to give Rapunzel a unique personality. Simply lovely!

If you glow down to the woods today... the moment fireflies turn woods into an enchanted forest

nature's beauty. Kristian Cvecek uses slow shutter speeds to capture firefly movements between the trees and ferns. Read more:

The Warmest Space Marine

Artist: Choi Won Chun aka Doo - Title: APPLIBOT16s - Card: Drimoa the Guild Leader (Steady) #fighter #paladin

Santa Tsuji's “Japanese High School Girl” Clear Poster

"This place is beautiful, but it's strange as well. It seems so..." "Sad." Her brother finished for her. "Yes. You're right. There's a story here."

1965 Ford XP Bordinat Cobra - Concept