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The formula to gain an unbreakable link to your higher self, an inhabitant of totality.

How you can help promote 3 Gates of the Dead (and why the book really isn’t horror)

Mound Builders: A Travel Guide to the Ancient Ruins in the Ohio Valley: 32 of the Largest Adena Hopewell Mounds Photographed in Ohio

Adoption Tax Credit: What You Should Know

Mozart shines in this film. Saw it in 5th grade and it made me want to be a musician. Amazing soundtrack, too!

To escape his brother wrath, Jacob flees to work for Laban, who had 2 daughters, Rachel & Leah. Jacob agrees to work 7 years for Rahel's hand. Laban deceives Jacob & presents a veiled Leah at the marriage then forces Jacob to work 7 years more for Rachel’s hand. Jacob marries the sisters, & returns to the land of his father. For a long time, Rachel is barren though Leah bears many children who become fathers of the tribes of Israel. Eventually Rachel bears Joseph & Benjamin.