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This is my home where I captured by the wonder and awe of it's brilliance and infinite universal love.. J- the wellness tree.

Welcome to Night Vale Cecil. Neat.

Look around you: IKEA. Look inside you: IKEA. Go to sleep: IKEA. IKEA:It is everything. #accidentalnightvale #strexcorp

I couldn't even wait to do this to my phone until after I pinned this. Because I'm a nerd. But a nerd with an awesome single app group on my phone now. :) Welcome to Nightvale

Carly Simon - You're So Vain. I don't recall why, but I remember watching this concert on TV when I was a kid. This is just a great song.

Top 10 Most Amazing Black and White Photos Part 2

In my dreams again, you and I were dancing again.. But it was another period in time.. I'd say by the clothes late 40's, early 50's... I think i'm starting to remember when we were in a past life together Xxx