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R. A. Torrey, a great Bible teacher of yesteryear, poignantly stated: “I would like to ask what right a man has to call himself a follower of Jesus Christ if he is not a soul winner? There is absolutely no such thing as following Christ unless you make the purpose of Christ’s life the purpose of your life.”

People who call themselves as a true religious-believer without being a devoted follower of that religion IS ABSURD! Not just limited to "Christian" but other religious groups...Too many people in this world done nothing but hurting others, by masking their true motivations in the name of " my religious believe tells me..." ~EVIL!!!

What are you doing with your life?

AUTHOR NOT UNKNOWN!!! ROBERT E. KNIGHT, my grandfather and a very wise man. This is just a small piece from a verse he wrote and our family was made aware of it after he passed away. Please enjoy, but give credit where it is due. Author, Robert E. Knight

There's the romantic "Need" (You complete me, My life is better with you, I couldn't imagine life without you) that is all that I need from you.

Jesus never left open the option of selective commitment. There are no exception clauses. You don’t get to say, “I follow Jesus - when it comes to this area of my life, I do things my way.” If you call yourself a Christian, by definition you are committing to following Christ with every area of your life. It doesn’t mean you will follow perfectly, but you can’t say, “I’m a Christian” and then refuse to follow Christ when it comes to certain people or places or practices.