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Professor Mayer's topophone: 1880. This image has been reproduced many times in the past, but as it is the earliest audio-location device I have found so far, so here it is. It was devised to assist navigation in fog. I have no information on its success or otherwise. Image from Scientific American 1880.

Is THIS the face of Robert the Bruce?

WHO WAS ROBERT THE BRUCE? Robert Bruce was king of Scots from 1306 until his death in 1329, aged around 55.

The Third Gate: A Novel

The Third Gate by one half of my favorite authors (w/Douglas Preston). Exciting summer read.

#BookReviewsDymanAssociatesPublishingInc The Economist's review of my book reveals how white people still refuse to believe black people about being black ( Visit us at )

Marianne Berger Woods, Professor of Art, tracks the legacy of 1930s black texan muralist Aaron Douglas. Woods argues Douglas paved the way for a greater appreciation of the black arts in the 1930s and is regarded by many as the “father” of the Harlem Renaissance, and yet he is still relatively unknown to fellow black Texans. In this post she looks at why Aaron Douglas has not been recognised by Texan public institutions and the ongoing impact this has on his legacy eighty years later.

Professors of design at Washington University in St. Louis, Jeff Pike and Douglas Dowd, representing the school’s Modern Graphic History Library