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The Battle of Shanhai Pass (山海关之战), fought in the Great Wall's Shanhaiguan, China in 1644, was the decisive battle leading to the formation of the Qing Dynasty in China. Qing leader Dorgon, along with former Ming general Wu Sangui, defeated rebel Li Zicheng's forces, allowing Dorgon and the Manchus to rapidly conquer Beijing and replace the Ming Dynasty.

12.Manchu:-A member of people native to Manchuria who ruled China during the Qing dynasty; -The manchus created a multiethnic empire, made the early modern world.

China from the East: Occidental orientation of the Orient in relief, 1941 by Richard Edes Harrison

7.treasure ships:-Ming China sent out enormous goods of ship into the Indian Ocean, commande by the eunch admiral Zheng He. -Transmit China's peaceful message, bring gifts to China's neighbors. Tributary state system, bulid network support them.

Battle of Hampton Roads, ca. 1889 | Illustration of the naval battle in a series of historical battles by Kurz & Allison, art publishers, Chicago, Illinois, ca. 1889.

Hamburger Hill. 23 Nov 1967, Dak To, South Vietnam. Hill 875 Casualty. Swathed in battle dressings, but still gripping his weapon, a wounded soldier of the 173rd Airborne awaits evacuation from Hill 875. American troops captured the summit of Hill 875 (and wondered why) climaxing the longest and costliest battle of the Vietnam war. The battle claimed the lives of 280 Americans and nearly 1400 North Vietnamese. © Bettmann/CORBIS

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