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Writing Crime Fiction - Suspense

#Writing crime fiction – 7 elements of gripping #suspense.

Some #writingtips for those who want to write more humor stories or scenes:

Body language cheat sheet. Help autistic kids and teens identify key features of various emotions. A good activity would be to practice expressing each of these in a charades-type game.

He seemed to be struggling, the power lines would soon snap if he kept it up. I couldn't believe my eyes as I saw his bright snow white wings, and golden robe. "Hang on ill get some help!" I yelled out, looking around for nearby buildings.

The First Line #022 I give you the first line, you fill in the rest! Prompts are for anyone and everyone, but if you use them, please link back to this blog. Also, if you post something based on this prompt, tag me…I’d love to read it! Thanks!