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When Launching a Company, Consider These 5 Things

When Launching a Company, Consider These 5 Things - #5 is life #wisdom, surround yourself what what you aspire to be.

Overwhelmed? Do 5 Things.

Overwhelmed? Do 5 Things. | At this time of year, feeling out-of-control busy is the status quo for everyone I talk to. So I thought I’d share a little trick I use to ease that feeling of wanting to crawl in bed and never come out again.

Tips to help you better manage your time…without stressing yourself out. | How to Manage Your Time Without Getting Stressed | #timemanagement #time #stress

Speak, act, and think positively for a rewarding work day. Negative phrases like "I can't," "I'll never," or "I'm too busy" pokes at budding stress and negativity until you actually begin to feel less-than-stellar. #admintips

Making ourselves busy can be the most wonderfully clever strategy for avoiding something that really needs attention in our lives.

5 Mistakes I've Made So You Don't Have To