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Great Big Canvas An Isotopic Window Matrix by Akira Takaue Graphic Art on Canvas

Minimalist photography is a photography form that involves capturing your subject in a relation with its environment in such a way that the most minimal surroundings are captured to create a subtle and underwhelmed feel of the whole atmosphere.

I will be seeing the ocean in three weeks. Nothing makes me happier than the sounds of my children laughing, thunder rumbling in the distance and waves breaking like a lullaby at night. I can't wait!

Many dog owners often wonder if a collar or harness is the best thing for walking their dog. However, no matter what you’ve seen your friends doing or people on the TV, it totally depends on your dog’s training and the goals you’ve set for your dog.

Le Corbusier – Charles-Édouard Jeanneret-Gris (1887-1965) | Villa Savoye | Poissy, France | 1928-1931 | Restauré en 1985o

Focal idea of the concept is the valuable “indoor environment quality” achieved by the inner garden courtyard which is hidden from outside views on this rela...