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This is true for the person that you don't even know in life and try to do shit for stupid reasons grow up I am not in high school and if u wanted to keep someone or something in or life u got to work for it not SIT ON UR ASS AND THINK THEY NEED TO DO IT ALL BC IF U THINK THAT U R NOT A WOMAN U R A USER U NEED TO LOOSE WHAT U DON'T NEED SO GO FUCK UR SELF!!!!!!!!!

Some friends are more family to me than my actual family!! To me family isn't about DNA its about loyalty, and those who are constantly there when you need them most, no questions asked.

Minions Quotes Of The Week

The are all awesome in their own way and even though they are just props to him, you will be there for them and help them be the best they can..

Hmmm...gosh...all I get from most people is an excessive desire to roll my eyes....guess I'm not all philosophical that way....paticularly to those who feel their drama is always important enough to matter. :)