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Nightwalker - One of my favorite anime of the Wish I hadn't sold those DVDs. _

Me and Rob on

"Now he tells me." lol I wish Garrett's speech scene hadn't been cut out. I guess the new scene took that place. lol Also, where was Kachiri? Why wasn't she with Alice, Jasper, Nahuel, and Huilen? And Zafrina and Nessie's friendship should've been shown more. I don't even think Zafrina said one word and she was my favorite. :(

Ep46:Feriha:I am happy,Peace,I am mad,I am broken.Am in love. We are in really beautifull place.I wish this things hadn't happen and we were still here.I wish I could have let my self totaly. Emir:When the time comes you will let yourself Feriha.We have enought time as long as you want.We will leave from here putting everything is right away. Feriha:Do you really believe in this? Look at us,events have gone to newspapers.I don't what situation is my family.I don't even have the strength to…

The Coolest Same-Sex Female Power Couples

Angelina Jolie & Jenny Shimizu A "lesbisexual" power couple from the way back, these two met on the set of Foxfire, and, as Jolie put it, "I would probably have married Jenny if I hadn't married my husband. I fell in love with her the first second I saw her." According to Shimizu, their relationship lasted many years and continued even while Jolie was romantically involved with other people, though it had ended by 2005.

SasuSaku. Maybe if things had gone a bit differently in their childhoods, this is how it would have started. #naruto

He had realized within minutes of meeting her that she was rare; he had known within hours that she was everything he wanted. Passionate and gentle, intelligent, sensitive, and witty. He loved all of her qualities, but he hadn’t discovered the one he particularly admired until much later, and that was her courage. - Judith McNaught ~S

niaofnarnia: I asked my friend cinymae to tell me something to draw and she said bubbline <s>but this isn’t exactly bubbline.</s> Hadn’t drawn them in a while D: but here they are anyway.

Ella se escondió bajo la cama de su novio para ponerlo a prueba. Lo que él hizo la dejó devastada

7 consejos para una amistad fuerte en el matrimonio.