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Extra Lean Turkey Kebabs (On Skewers) (High Protein/Low Fat)

For the carb and fat conscious, this is a simple yet very tasty recipe I've come up with. Low in carbs considering the size of each skewer/serving. Also very high in protein so an added bonus if you're bodybuilding.

50 Uncommon Uses for Baking Soda

We all know to put baking soda in our fridge or the litter box. But there are a lot more uses for this cheap and versatile household staple. Find out how you should be using baking soda!

Robot Play Dough Invitation

Robot Play Dough Invitation for Letter R Preschool Activities

Discover Dyson Robot technology

Mechs built from Legos For the game; Mobile Frame Zero. ST-09b Spitting Dragon. Designed by: MittenNinja A variant on the ST-09 Iguana designed for long range fire support. Twin Heavy Missile Pods 2d6+d8 Ra Advanced Targeting Systems 2d6Y

22 Adorable Ideas For An Epic Robot-Themed Birthday Party