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Gandhi, the great man of peace, once wrote that by "all canons" of what the world considers to be just, the Palestinians had the right to use force to resist being dispossessed of their land "against overwhelming odds."

Hannah Senesh was one of 37 Jews from Palestine who parachuted into Yugoslavia to save the Hungarian Jews who were about to be deported to Auschwitz. She was arrested at the Hungarian border, imprisoned, tortured, and eventually executed by a firing quad. Hannah never revealed the details of her mission. Her poem "Eli, Eli" is a very famous Hebrew song.

Poster in solidarity with the Palestinian resistance. #Palestine #Resistance #Vintage #Weapons #Palestina #Resistenza #فلسطين #مقاومة

For Palestinians, the new year is marked by old ills: Another plea to recognize the "State of Palestine," an ambiguous U.N. denunciation of settlements, and the "never-ending violence" of the Israeli Occupation. Still, new visual forms of resistance - a stunning short film documenting the gridlocked seeking of peace, and an Activestills book highlighting the power of "struggle photography" to create change - offer "a window into a reality that oppressors do ...