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Will she be remembered in 200 years?

Most people are familiar with the tragic loss of the Titanic and most of its passengers, but it is, surprisingly, not the worst maritime disaster in history - in fact it only ranks as number 5 (based...

«Στοιχειωμένες» Φωτογραφίες του Τιτανικού που Βγήκαν λίγα μόλις Λεπτά μετά την Ανεύρεση του Βυθισμένου Πλοίου -

Image Gallery: Stunning Shots of the Titanic Shipwreck

The RMS Titanic, one of the world's most infamous and tragic shipwrecks, sank in 1912. Its final resting spot remained a mystery for decades, until its wreckage was discovered on the ocean floor 26 years ago. This gallery contains haunting images of the Titanic — the ship before it sank, passengers during rescue efforts and the ship in its current deteriorating condition.

April 18, 1912, 9:30 pm - The Carpathia docks in New York with the survivors of the Titanic disaster. First, she dropped some of the Titanic’s recovered lifeboats at the White Star Line’s pier, before continuing to Cunard’s pier to let the survivors and passengers disembark. Approximately 40,000 people were anxiously waiting to greet her.