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Here at REED we aren't all growing veg in the back garden or rearing pigs, but we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint with many initiatives in place to meet our goals.

Harper Lee breaks silence - just - for Mockingbird anniversary

Harper Lee is one of the world's most famous literary recluses. But the author of To Kill a Mockingbird

I think that, in a situation when you’re dealing with a child who is going through an ordeal that makes them feel different and undesirable, what they really need is honesty and perspective, not a …

LaVern Baker (1960) // The first Black artist to file a legal grievance against white artists who produced pop covers of their hits. This reminds me of "Hair Spray" how there would be a "Black channel" and a "white channel" and most of the white music was stolen from the African Americans and produced to cater to the whites, and the original artists couldn't do a thing about it.

Native American Tribe Research Report Project {NO PREP}

A complete Native American Research report. Just give it to the kids and they create a nice project at the end. Classroom tested. $

One of the first books about African Civilizations I ever read. Great book...changed my whole perspective about things.

How Great White Sharks Work

They may be dangerous, but to me, in photos like such they demonstrate beauty, elegance, and power.