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Miles de personas ven un enorme OVNI sobre una tienda de IKEA en Siberia

Probabili resti UFO in Siberia?

Probabili resti UFO in Siberia? | Scientific and space

Reports from Russian media have verified the find, although not its origin. Two walkers from the remote Russian village of Kamensk in Siberia are claimed to have discovered the body of the alien, The corpse of the badly-damaged creature – which is distinctly ET-esque – is 2ft-high and has part of its right leg missing. Claims that the ET was missed by Russian military alien experts clearing up after a UFO crash. Strange but true? The area is a known UFO hotspot with dozens of sightings.

The aliens have landed: Amazing footage shows 'little green men walking about after UFO touchdown'... but why does it always happen in Siberia?

The clip, filmed in the remote Irkutsk region of Siberia appears to show a UFO and five aliens walking about in the snow.

13 unsolved mysteries that still need answers in 2015

From a missing plane to a vast city hidden beneath Earth, 2014 left many stones unturned. Here are the unsolved mysterious that still puzzle the world.

Who built this mysterious island, and what was it used for?

The mysterious island, Por-Bajin, was found in the centre of a remote lake high in the mou...

Alien found in UFO hotspot ,UFO crash and military retrieval in Siberia, Russia (HD).mp4 - YouTube

Kayapo, the Scythian artifact, 700 BC, found preserved in frozen tombs in the Altai region of Siberia, Russia - near the China the border