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Evil Captain America's New Origin (Captain America Steve Rogers Vol 2: The Trial Of Maria Hill) - Video --> http://www.comics2film.com/evil-captain-americas-new-origin-captain-america-steve-rogers-vol-2-the-trial-of-maria-hill/ #StaffPicks

Yep. Prn. Who is it that puts 'Yep' in the comments section when Pinning Prince photos. It's so lazy and almost disrespectful. Its not much of an effort to at least write 'Prince', or delete 'Yep' or 'Prn' and pin them blank... gets on my nerves. I make an effort to either correct or change initial pin comments or add an interesting Purple Factoid as I call them. Fans should at least delete and just post without any 'Yep' or 'Prn'. Thanks.

Here is a 15 minute clip of a show I was on talking about Attracting a Life You Love using Law of Attraction - Richmond Hill - Rogers TV

Always On My Mind - Judith Hill - THE VOICE - YouTube

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