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Explore Time Hahah, 5Sos and more!

I literally follow so many 5sos fans that three of them posted nearly the same thing at the same time... hahah

Jojo comic credit to #ggDance58 I feel so bad for her :( i know she loves bows and I wear bows to dance all the time this is not fair. :(

Hahahahahhahhahahahahahahahahah ONG!!!!!!! Ahhhhh run for your lives it's the real Abby Lee Miller

I've literally been laughing at this for an hour XD XD > I will keep repinning this because it's too funny!

Our Presence: The Gift That Really Matters to our Children

She asks a question and then when I don't answer it I get yelled at for not saying anything but when I do it's talking back so I just eventually look down and cry of confusion