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Great quote from Doctor Who. It's actually similar to something one of the storytellers says in Toren the Teller's Tale: "We are all only stories, you know, Tor, only patches in the fabric of life."

31 Signs Eleven Is Your Doctor

The first time I saw eleventh, I thought I would not get used to him, 'cause tenth is my favorite. But after watching him being the most lovely thing on the world, I loved him. I miss him now, he was FANTASTIC.

"This man is ridiculous with his ability to portray emotion so really despite the fact he's just acting. So good in fact that you may wonder if he really is just acting or if the emotions are his and he's just feeling connected to the character"

So that was the year of the slow invasion. When the Earth got cubed and the Doctor came to stay. It was also when we realized something the Shakri never understood. What cubed actually means. The Power of Three.