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This free 53 page eBook helps your child or student work on their creative writing skills. They can write their own book! Each page prompts them on what to focus on, what to write about, helps them to think and write in different perspectives. It's great for any child working on formulating paragraphs and stories. The exercises (stories) can be printed as individual assignments to printed and bound as an entire book.

Creating a Graffiti Wall in the Classroom - HoJo's Teaching

Using a Graffiti Wall as Review in the classroom is a fun, hands-on way to review materials. It can be used at ANY grade level. Let students write or draw. Click through to get more details and ideas!

These catchy and fun lyrics and melodies make learning effortless for achieving life-long educational goals. I wrote these songs and created these activities to teach my students for life; therefore, I use an innovative method for reaching multiple learning styles. My music has reached and impacted every student that has been in my classroom. The inter-connectivity of my plan allows you to create an engaging and fun learning environment.

Donna Young's Manuscript Handwriting Lessons for Beginners - goes along with Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons

Struggling to get your writing done? Does procrastination hit you hard every time you sit down to write? Here's the best advice I've ever seen for making yourself work, even when you really, really don't want to!

Simple Creative Writing and Spelling Ideas for Elementary Students

The following is a post from contributing writer Roan of Joyful Always. I am currently teaching my "second set" of elementary students. I have a first and third grader. But I also have an eighth,...